Flight API Integration

BDSD Technology Pvt. Ltd.  provide Flight api integration services for the travel agency and agent. Flight API Integration is the end-to-end process of fetching data from best travel API providers and displays it to the other website.

Flight API Integration



Flight API Integration

Jun 04 2020

BDSD Technology Pvt. Ltd.  provide Flight api integration services for the travel agency and agent. Flight API Integration is the end-to-end process of fetching data from best travel API providers and displays it to the other website. In Hotel API Integration, Flight API Integration, Bus api integration, Car api integration, the developer will connect the API with the provider and display the required data into the other website. OUR COMPANY provides travel APIs with flights, hotels, LCCs, cars, activities. ETC A travel API allows you to integrate third-party GDS/Wholesaler inventory/feeds into the booking engine on your site.

The main types of travel APIs and how they work

In tech terminology, the synonym to this growing connectivity is Flight API. Application programming interface allows for connecting data streams and functionalities between different software products. Flight APIs work as control panels for developers to link different software components without dealing with source code. What does this mean for the travel industry? If you run a hotel business, you can let your customers rent a car straight from your website by integrating your room reservation engine with available local car rental providers. This may put a car-rental commission in your pocket or just make your customer’s life easier by eliminating time browsing the web to rent a car.

So, let’s talk about the most important types of APIs used to unify travel industry features and information. Warning, it’s going to be a long read, so you may hop to the sections that seem interesting by navigating the menu to the right, if you’re on a desktop.

For the online travel agency (OTA), all these aspects are worth covering in the application. For local or niche travel services providers, this list may be shorter.





Global distribution system (GDS) APIs from

Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport for comprehensive flight or hotel booking and reservations coverage

The main data source and reservation point of contact for online travel agencies are global distribution systems (GDSs). The GDS collects and consolidates travel data from a wide spectrum of service providers and allows agents to reserve airplane seats, rent cars, book hotel rooms, etc. This way travel agencies don’t have to directly connect with hundreds of airlines, hotels, and other end providers. They also provide APIs to integrate reservation support into OTA booking engines to let travelers book online.

GDSs mostly focus on five types of reservations:

  • Airplane seats
  • Hotel rooms
  • Car rentals
  • Cruise lines and ferries
  • Railways

Basically, there are three main GDS players on the market: Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport. According to Sabre, these three cover 99.9 percent of the GDS market share.



Flight booking Portal & Flight  API integration services for hotels is a feature packed tool that allows you to take direct bookings through your own booking Portal 24 *7days. Hotel website will work on your own with online hotel reservation software with API Integration services  the visits into bookings and generating higher revenues per booking. It helps hotel to save time by reducing the emails & calls for the management and the confirmation of their reservations. BDSD Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers hotel booking Portal with API products and services by developing various kinds of portals which nowadays are rising as the hotel portal application.

Top 10 Best Flight APIs

The aviation industry is a very important part of the global economy, as every year millions of people fly to multiple destinations worldwide. Over the years, the process of booking and tracking flights has become a lot easier and automated. This degree of ease is a direct result of airlines and travel companies allowing third parties to leverage on their infrastructure via APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces).

In this article, we created a list of the best Flight APIs currently being used. In coming up with this list, we ranked the APIs based on the following criteria.

Ultimately, we created the following list of the top 10 best Travel APIs.

BDSD TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd.  is the world’s largest API marketplace with 8,000+ third-party APIs and used by over 500,000 active developers. We enable developers to build transformative apps through the power of APIs. Find, test and connect to all the APIs you need in one place!










The challenge of choosing the best GDS API has been around for years. While there are technical differences that may tip the scales, market coverage also plays an important role. Common practice is to use the most popular GDS for a region as this means slightly better seating options and pricing from carriers. From this point of view, Amadeus would be the best fit for targeting Europe, while Sabre suits travel in North America.  If you want to dive deeper into the difference between these solutions, read our dedicated GDS articles.

GDSs provide general data for booking and reservations. However, if you need specific solutions like hotel booking or car rentals, it’s worth looking at dedicated products.


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