Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions.

We are a web development company in Capital city of India, providing customized web development , Travel portal development , software development and mobile application solutions to businesses .
Our Some Services Are

  1. Flight API Development
  2. Hotel API Development
  3. Agent B2B Fligh dashboard
  4. Agent B2B Accounting Software
  5. E-Commerce Development Seveices.
  6. B2B and B2C Development Seveices travel portal.
  7. GDS, XML, API, Webservices Integration Software.
  8. Tour Package Booking System

Any service which is coming with the help of any third party supplier is called third party services. For Eg: all flight results are coming from a third party consolidator hence Flights are third party services. Hotel & Cars are coming from third party supplier hence Hotels & Cars are third party services.

We use PHP , MYSql, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Java… Mostly customers prefers PHP as its user friendly and cost efective .

Most of the Travel Companies want to integrate One or Two XMl for their business, but as many XML's you integrate to the travel portal, that much you and your customers will benefit as you will have access to global Inventory for various product.

Always we advice our customers to change the ADMIN USER ID and strong Passwords from time to time (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly) basis so that your system will be secure, in the terms of security purpose Microsoft products are enough secure...

Commission depend on your level of revenue generation, and the type of agreements you signed with suppliers/consolidator. Gross Agreements normally pay up to 7-10% commission. Gross agreements provide you with much more flexibility, and an opportunity to generate as much as 30% commissions.

Yes, we provide half year maintenance free and we believe in Quality deliveries and quality products.Its also depend on project type .

Of course. We maintain close relations with all Car Suppliers, Bus Suppliers, hotel suppliers, flight suppliers, GDS providers and other service providers that are already integrated or very soon to be integrated into our travel booking software. We feel happy to connect our customers with product suppliers, and assist in the negotiation process.

Yes, We provide Window VPS/Shared Hosting as per customers budget & requirement. As such, it is always hosted on our secure servers. You can choose to host your website or travel portal on our server – we will be delighted to provide you quality service.

Any third party solution which does not provide any control over the service to the merchant is called white label solution. For example, if the hotels are supplied from an agency called “X", and if these hotels are booked finally on the website of “X” and the payment is also processed to “X”, then this is called a white label mode.