Travel mobile App development

BDSD Technology  is a leading travel app development company, offering native and cross platform mobile applications to global clients and travel and hospitality industry.

Travel mobile App development



Travel mobile App development

Jul 27 2020

BDSD Technology  is a leading travel app development company, offering native and cross platform mobile applications to global clients and travel and hospitality industry. In the last few years, travel and hospitality has seen a great surge because of the access of travel deals / offers and online bookings over mobile devices through web apps and native apps. Travel companies, tour operators and destination management companies are building best in class travel mobile apps to provide better user experience and satisfaction. There is a great demand of travel portals and travel app development, as hyper-connectivity, extreme personalization and real-time data sharing are surging in travel and tourism verticals.

                           FLIGHT BOOKING APP DEVELOPMENT  

The major element of your app success is being original. We talked about this many times in our blog because it's really important. Do something new, do something different or do something better - that's the point. If you look at  bagpack2to  you'll see that it's the same flight and hotel booking app. That's a great option for people who have no idea where to go or who want to try something new. Sometimes good offer is all we really need.

Below is the basic recipe of how to create a great flight search application:

  • Make a mobile version
  • Have a good database of airlines
  • Use predictive analytics to offer the best deals on tickets
  • Create a yummy design
  • Incorporate modern technologies to make things exciting
  • Add something special to make your app stand out among the others.

In a current scenario, most of the people like to spend their time one the mobile. In mean time a software development companies targeting the mobile app instead the website development. Because Mobile Application have a maximum engagement with the people or customer. That's why  travel agent like to developed a mobile app for the customer so that customer can easily book the ticket through the mobile and also they can pay the amount through the mobile. Now a maximum flight booking are done through the mobile application.


                                HOTEL BOOKING APP DEVELOPMENT

So, you run a hotel chain and want to develop a mobile app to win tech-savvy travelers? Considering the fact that 60% of customers are more likely to choose a Smartphone-enabled hotel over a traditional location, we have only one thing to say to you: go for it! How much does it cost to create a hotel app and what features should it have to increase occupancy rates and justify mobile development expenses? When it comes to hotel apps, entrepreneurs treat mobile as another opportunity to simplify booking process and subsequently fail to deliver the ultimate guest experience.  

Build hotel apps in 4 easy steps

  • The Hotel apps template is pre-loaded with the features and tabs you’ll need.
  • Save time when we pull business info, images, and color schemes from your Facebook page and website.
  • Add your rooms, suites and everything guests will need from your app — all without writing a single line of code.
  • Our launch wizard makes the complicated process of making an app live super simple.

As you can see from the above image , the user of mobile will rapidly increase year by year. So mobile app platform is a great opportunity for the travel agent. They can increase their engagement with the customer through the mobile app.

                                    BUS BOOKING APP DEVELOPMENT

The basic idea behind the mobile app development for Bus Ticket Booking app is to do paperless work. It not only allows you to just for online booking and cancellations but also enables you to track the real-time location and trip updates in the form of push notifications. It was very important to offer extraordinary and useful features for a Bus Booking Mobile App in order to develop a ground-breaking system that is capable of revolutionizing the bus industry.

When we think in terms of security Bus ticket booking solution breakthrough as well, by enabling the bus driver to verify passengers identity and board them through a QR-code based mobile interface.

Usually, the Bus ticket booking mobile app has 3 modules such as :

  • Customer Module
  • Operator Module
  • Admin Panel

The Bus Ticket Booking Software Solution enables users to reserve the ticket by selecting their seats using the internet. These Bus Ticket Booking Solution will help you to know the availability of the bus as per your suitability. Many of this bus ticket booking mobile app development companies are creating these type of apps for travel agents or agencies, who are most interested in developing their own bus ticket booking mobile apps or bus ticket booking mobile portal. Main featured functions like route creation, route allocations to various vendors and various buses, booking, seat selection, etc are being offered.

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