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Flight Series Fare Software



Flight Series Fare Software

Sep 09 2021

Flight Series Fare

Normally Travel Agency use online API for the ticket selling, it gives them a huge Inventory and also world-wide ticket selling platform, but at the same time it also gives them a low margin. API Provide set their own margin on a ticket and Travel Agency are force to sell it on a low price to customer due to less market price. Now Travel Agency wants to deal with direct airline but it cost them a huge investment and also there are so much term and conditions are applicable on the Dealing with direct airline.

Now, there are another way is there to deal with direct airline and that is called Series Fare. In a current time, there are so many Travel Agencies are using Series Fare software to sell their Series Fare. So, Series Fare is a pre-purchase ticket which are provided by airline to the Travel Agency. Airline sell their future departure ticket to travel Agent on a current Rate. Now travel agent can sell this series fare after some days with a huge margin. That is a series Fare.

Advantages of Series Fare.
  • Maximum profit margin

Suppose a Travel Agent purchase a ticket from airline on price RS 1200 For DEL to BOM, after two days the same ticket airline sells on their portal on 2100 RS, So Travel agent can sell his ticket on 2100 RS also and that will give him a 1000 INR PROFIT.

  • Minimum ticket price

After a day purchase a series fare, airline same ticket sector selling on a higher price and that give a advantage to travel agent for sell there ticket on a low price compare and yet he get a profile also on a low price.

  • Travel agent can purchase a busy sector on a current rate.

In, India Del to Bom is a very busy sector in compare to other sector so travel agent can purchase a busy sector on a week before then sell in a date travel with a current price. It gives them a easy sell advantage and maximum profit.

  • Sometime a pre-purchase ticket can give them block buster deal.

Suppose a Travel Agency purchase a Holi Festival ticket 1 month before. Since festival is reason to everyone for travel to their home and that is why on the festival date ticket goes very high in compare to normal days and that is an opportunity to the travel agent for earn the maximum profit by provide the ticket availability to the traveler. Sometime these kinds of series fare give 5000 RS Profit to Travel Agency on a single ticket.

  • Easy to sell this ticket as compare to other online ticket.

These types of series fare can easily sell on a online platform due to less price in compare to ONLINE AIRLINE PRICE OT OTA.

Flight Series Fare Software

Flight series fare also know as flight extranet software. BDSD Technology Pvt. Ltd. Provide a flight extranet software to the OTA. It is very useful and easy to use. It gives them a platform to sell their series fare software on a online platform and easy to manage the data also. Some time OTA have a huge customer base and it won’t easy for them to manager there travel date and itinerary. That is why we developed a software like this for OTA. Now OTA Can manage multiple sector series fare on a single platform. For customer also it gives them a proper information and multiple choice for the booking ticket.

It also can be used with Online booking system and both series fare and online fare can be selling on a one platform. It gives a huge advantage to OTA for provide a large no of sector with less price. It makes him more profitable with large no of a booking.


  • Easy to manager the customer database.
  • Easy to sell the multiple series fare on the Portal.
  • Proper MIS Report for the Series Fare booking.
  • Automatic invoice generates and send to customer for booking confirmation.
  • Easy to save the series fare in CMS.
  • Easy to check the booking date and details.
  • Easy to check the Series fare quantity.
  • Easy to check the payment information.
  • Easy to manage the payment flow and Payment details.
  • Easy to calculate the profile margin on a monthly basis and daily basis.

Now there are so many benefits have. In current time so many OTA uses Flight Extranet Software or Series Fare Software with Online platform and sell there both Online and series fare on a single platform. It makes them more valuable for the customer.


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