Educational Portal Development

Bdsd technology is a Website development company. We also build Educational Portal for the school and coaching center. It will help school management to learn and provide an advance technical as well as study material to the student easily. Now teacher can focus on the student instead of completing his course.

Educational Portal Development

Over the years education has vastly improved in its methodology, and thanks to e-Learning platforms it’s fast becoming a popular digital trend within the IT industry. By providing highly interactive and visual learning solutions, people of all ages can reap the benefits of this extraordinary software.

We provide the best education portal development features academic institutions and universities. Education Portal has emerged as an online education program with sole purpose is to conduct classes for the students through E-learning mode which is simplified for online learning and teaching purpose.

Educational Portal Development
Benefits of our  e-Learning Solutions


In this Educational Institute website design and development project, BDSD tech used PHP as the primary development framework and ensure that the portal is compatible with the major operating systems, including Windows 7 and higher, UNIX, iOS, and Android. The portals developed by us acts really beneficial for the students and provide them with the best learning material to upgrade their score. Our company has experience in building the best websites by meeting all the requirements of our client. We provide the best fastest growing online education portal that integrates the technology with the education The involvement of this technology in this sector has led to private schools and colleges utilizing e-books, e-learning classes and different types of digital media for educational purposes.

Educational Software Development

We all know that “school” is traditionally seen by many as a boring experience, however the development of the digital world is turning the old instructor-based learning environment, into a more dynamic environment, that encourages collective learning by putting students at the heart of the learning experience. The education industry is a fast paced, people-focussed industry. This large industry can greatly benefit from the variety of software development solutions that can help the learning experience for all students. Implementation of new technologies and software development in the education industry can greatly aid practitioners in the field and help create an exciting learning environment that keeps students engaged. With social media being such a popular tool in everyday life, the education industry is making the most of this trend by introducing social apps to students.

Educational Software  Development

Key Features Of Educational Portal

  • On-time Delivery

    Library of course materials and assessments real time access anytime, anywhere. where Students can watch recent Class Videos, Faculty can watch Student performane, Admin can watch both of Them.

  • Exam Assessments.

    Nowadays, web services are becoming more and more popular with increasing mobile access and development of e-commerce. Anyone who would come up with a website will definitely expect it to grow to attract more and more visitors.

  • Online Communities And Forums

    Creating online communities and forums (students, administrators, and alumni),Samaritan Have a large platform to develop website, forum, Application.We have much expertise of Disscussion Platform.

  • Access Resources

    Facility to access resources for students, faculty, admin parents. Related person can access his/her Authorised data from anywhere, anytime using via Mobile, Laptop ,Desktop or another usable resoures.

  • Calendar Of Events

    Web application development has seen a vital shift over the last few years. With technology advancements and deviations in programming landscape, the demands of business functionalities have changed..

  • Job Opening Facilities

    We have our name popularized by developing supreme web applications for portals, e-commerce and e-learning software, CRM, business process automation and so on.

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