Flutter App Development

Our technical team have a Experience in Flutter SDK. Good Knowledge in Flutter Module and Plug-ins. Perfection in Building Desktop and Mobile Applications Using Flutter.Flutter is Google's mobile app SDK, complete with a framework, widgets, and tools, that gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms (official Flutter website)

Technology For Flutter App Development

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google which uses DART as its primary language. Complete with widgets, tools, and a proper framework, Google’s mobile app SDK provides Flutter app developers with an opportunity to easily build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter only needs of the platform is a canvas in which to render the widgets so they can show up on the mobile devices and access to events like contacts, clocks, and so on and moreover to the service like location, camera, etc.

We offer the below native and hybrid Mobile Apps development services

Flutter app development

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Advantages of Flutter Application Development

Fast & simple coding:

The most popular features of Flutter Hot Reload boots the productivity of development. It enables quicker debugging and simplifies the process of fixing bugs.

Easy to Adopt

The primary aim of Flutter architecture is to simplify the development process for developers. It does this by offering integration using other programming languages.

Faster Testing

Flutter makes QA task quick and simple for the team as only one app requires to check. Because of the single codebase developers need to write automatic test code for once only.

hybrid  mobile app

Impressive UI:

Flutter takes away the need for developers to write different codes for iOS and Android. Use single codebase to create apps for both iOS and Android.

Creation of Widgets

Beside allowing customization of existing widgets, Flutter enables developers to create new widgets. The rich widget library in the SDK makes it easy to customize a widget quickly.

Specific Logic Implementation:

Flutter provides advanced OS features like GPS coordinates, Bluetooth, sensors data, manage permission, credentials, and other features in ready-to-use plugins supported by Google.

Why Choose Flutter App Development

BDSD Technology is a leading flutter app development company with over 4 years of experience in the mobile app development industry. Our flutter developers utilize this robust technology and give a swift and smooth experience with a flutter framework to use an application with ease.


Fast Development

Because Flutter has a great set of developer tools, Flutters apps are made way faster as compared to native apps.

Awesome Themes

Flutter supports both Material and Cupertino designs. Which means that your users will always feel home when they run on your app.

Multiple Packages

Flutter has supported by various open-source packages that let developers develop an app faster and save time without much hassle.

Faster Performance

Flutter App provides the standard performance as the code is converted into C++ to maintain the native look 'n' feel